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국제 금융 浦沙短筆
풍경, 2017년 한국
히로미의 사설보기
정부의 “대기 아동 제로” 새...
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70년 대선, 박정희와의 한판...
각양각색 동북아 소식
일본항공, 아메리칸 에어라인과...
Movie Craze
(Old) Sex and th...
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Enjoy Exciting PiFan with Ha Seon Park, the ‘Elegant Goddess’! [ 2012.05.23 ]

[NewsJapan.net] PuchonThe 16th annual Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) with the Festival Director Young-bin Kim has announced the actress Ha Seon Park for this year's PiFan Lady.

The 16th PiFan Lady Ha Seon Park has starred in a recently off aired sitcom, , as a kind Korean language teacher which has awarded her with the ‘Best New Actress’ at MBC Drama Awards as well as the ‘Comedy Excellence Award’ of Television sector at the 48th Baek Sang Arts Awards affirming her soaring popularity.

Actress Ha Seon came into the scene starring at a popular TV series playing the Queen Inhyeon role and two featured films, and which had left us good impression with her fine acting in each role she had. In anticipation on line for this year’s release, co-starred with the actor Yoon Sang Hyun in a romantic comedy film directed by JinYoung Kim, Ha Seon Park played a tone-deaf girl who is compassionately in one-sided love trying desperately to learn how to sing to win her love.

The PiFan Festival Director Young-bin Kim said, “Actress Ha Seon Kim is very well suited with the festival as this year’s PiFan Lady for her wide range of looks and characters from elegance to that of comical and commercially successful actress as well.” He also added, “I strongly believe she will be the best PiFan Lady ever with her passionate determination as she shows toward her acting career.”

“I’m most grateful to be this year’s PiFan Lady, the festival I’d always kept interested. But at the same time, I feel heavy responsibility as the festival’s ambassador,” Ha Seon Park commented, “with this opportunity I will try to promote and reach out PiFan’s diverse attraction to more audiences as well as communicate and share the festival with movie fans.”

This year’s PiFan Lady Ha Seon Park will embark on duty after receiving the appointment as the festival ambassador at the 16th official press conference of PiFan. Not only attending the opening and closing ceremonies, she is assigned enjoying the festival with audiences by involving various events and on stage greetings at selected screenings as well as being a foremost person representing PiFan both domestic and overseas.

Turning to its 16th edition, PiFan is armed with the renowned cutting-edge programs and audience friendly environment for not only theaters but event spaces as well for PiFan becoming the greatest genre film festival of the world. The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will open its festive door to everyone from July 19th to 29th for 11 days at Puchon.


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Save pets in Fukushima
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Enjoy Exciting PiFan with Ha Seon Park, th...
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