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NewsJapan is a Japan government recognized non-profit organization founded in 2005.
We provide the Quality fact-checked news and specialized public relations / marketing consulting to various Japan related communities in East Asia.
If you are interested in placing specialized advertisements or a link exchange on our website,
please email: newsjapanet@gmail.com with your offer.
일본 비정부-영리기구 (NGO/NPO) 법인 최초의 외국인 설립자인 박지일 대표에게의 강의 요청은
대표 개인 이메일인 jidaman@gmail.com 로 연락하시기 바랍니다.
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NPO 法人 |   Incorporated Non Profit Org. Answer Asia / 비영리기구 앤서아시아 (아시아의 평화와 우호를 생각하는 모임)
Main Spot |   アンサ一アジア ヘッドオフィス is located at Takajukacho Hirakata Osaka Japan
K Spot |   Alternative School is at #126 F1 Sangroksu Apt Mall Ilwonbondong Gangnamgu Seoul Korea
T Spot |   PR Place is at Soi Vuthiphan Rachaprarop Rd. Rajathevee Bangkok Thailand
Contact |   E-mail : newsjapanet@gmail.com | Need a phone number? Email first | Very active from the year of 2005
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